Vashikaran For Lover – Mantra For Lost Lover


Vashikaran For Lover

Vashikaran has been used since Vedic ages by people to solve the love and relationship issues. Many people use vashikaran for lover to control them or make them do things according to their will. Vashikaran for lover can be used to get the lost love back, attract them, control their behavior and mind and break the love affairs. You will find this article very informative if you have been looking for vashikaran mantra for lover. So keep reading!

Vashikaran for lover can be used to build relationships as it helps to plant the love and affection in the heart of the people we desire. It is deemed to be the safest and the most effective way to make someone fall in love with you or control them provided you carry out the ritual correctly. Today we will share with you a vashikaran mantra for lover and will also explain how vashikaran for lover works.

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Vashikaran Mantra For Lover

If you feel that the fights and arguments have increased in the relationship and you want to rectify the problems, you can use vashikaran mantra for lovers. This mantra works by reducing the fights and misunderstandings between the partners, thereby helping you to make room for healthy communication. Relationships that have healthy communication often work better than an unhealthy expression of anger and complaints.


Vashikaran For LoverChant this vashikaran mantra for lover 300 times for 21 days while visualizing the face of your lover. It will be in your best interest to chant the mantra with positive belief and intent. You will start seeing optimistic changes in your relationship. You can also use this mantra for love success as a means to increase love and understanding in your relationship.

Many couples face the dilemma of witnessing their lover engaging in love affair with the person. As much as it is unacceptable in any relationship, it degrades the relationship to its core and leaves no room for love and understanding. If you wish to get your lost lover back from the trap of other people, you can use the vashikaran mantra for lost lover and witness its magical consequences:


|ॐ नमः कांक्षी देवी {महिला या लड़की नाम} नारी मे वषम कुरु कुरु स्वाहा: ||

Mantra For Lost Lover

You can use this vashikaran mantra for a lost lover to bring your girlfriend back. Chant this mantra 108 times for 7 days on any rosary.

||ॐ नमः आदिपुरषाय (प्रेमी का नाम) आकर्षण कुरु कुरु स्वाहा||

Namah Aadipurshaye (name of the lover)Aakarshan kuru kuru Swaha

Chant this mantra for lost lover if you wish to attract your boyfriend back to you. Recite this 1100 times for 7 days and see how magically your lover will come back to you.

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