Husband Vashikaran Totke, Tips and Upay


Husband Vashikaran Totke

Today we are sharing husband vashikaran totke that are meant to control the behavior and mind of the husband. So if you have been searching around for the husband vashikaran tips that can give you control over the irrational behavior of your husband, this post is your zenith. You can use these husband vashikaran tips for many purposes.

These vashikaran tips are for women who have been having a hard time dealing with their husband. Sometimes when the relationship between husband and wife gets tampered with regular fights and misunderstandings, it is natural for the distances to loom over. The married life is not as easy in these times as there are numerous problems in its way. Use these husband vashikaran upay with the correct procedure.

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Husband Vashikaran Tips

Husband Vashikaran Tips

  1. Starting from the Sunday of Shukla Paksha, take a bath and make a swastika with saffron powder on the puja thali. Now take a motishankh and cleanse it with gangajal. Place this shell on the swastika and worship it with flower, and any white-colored sweet. This is one of the best husband vashikaran tips to control the husband if he doesn’t listen to you.
  2. Cut the hair of your husband from the crown area in the midnight of a new moon. Now take the hair and burn it while visualizing your husband to be doing and behaving the way you want him to be. You will start seeing these results from the next day itself as this is one of the most effective husband vashikaran tips.
  3. Another husband vashikaran upay is to chant the vashikaran mantra to control husband. Chant this mantra starting from Saturday and continue chanting it for three Saturdays. “Om kaam kaam maalinee patii mey vash maanaey thah thah”. Recite this mantra with faith and belief ad your husband will start loving you more and will treat you with respect.
  4. An easy husband vashikaran tips to control him from falling in love with the other woman is to take a clean handkerchief of the husband and place a lemon in it after writing the name of the husband on the lemon. Now keep this in your cupboard for seven days where your husband cannot find it. After seven days flow the handkerchief and its contents in any flowing river.
  5. If you feel that your marriage has been affected by someone’s evil eye or someone might be suing vashikaran on your husband to separate you from him, start reciting Durga baan every Friday in the evening. This is a very powerful husband vashikaran upay to maintain the sanctity of marriage and protect it from the negativity and evil influences of the others.
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Husband Vashikaran Upay

These husband vashikaran totke are very effective, so use them, cautiously and under the guidance of an expert. You can call us on the given numbers for more information or solving doubts regarding the procedure of the husband vashikaran totke. You can also avail of the special vashikaran tips for your husband according to the problem.


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